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*in Chord’s announcer voice*

 In a world without glee club, where alumni return to their old high for no reason, sophomores who should now be seniors mysteriously disappear, and one fiancé dates a former bully…


I bet season 6 of Glee is gonna be like

"Hey I don’t have a job. Can I teach at McKinley?"

"Sure. And as a winner of the national show choir competition you don’t even have to have a proper college degree. Or any degree at all for that matter."

"Awesome. Oh and can I bring my friends too? We have to be all at the same place, otherwise we aren’t able to live."

"Are they also former members of our high school choir?"


"Great, you all can become teachers at our school. Or football coaches. Or school counsellors. Or school nurses. Pick a job and you got it."

Edit: “I’d like to stay here too for awhile.” “What’s your name?” “Tin-” “NOPE!”

I mean…the world knows how much I despise Rachel and she deserves all the failure she’s been lucky to avoid thus far. But this just doesn’t make any fucking sense… (And I ESPECIALLY hate that they’re making Kurt follow at her heels to clean up the shit she leaves behind)


remember when our biggest concern over glee was that blaine was a junior in high school?



I swear, it’s like they’re trying to sink the show on purpose so they can get out of writing it faster.


It pisses me off that Ryan is so intent on living out Finn’s storyline, he’s ruining characterizations in the process.


  • All the characters said goodbye to McKinley. The Glee Club was shut down, and that’s okay. That chapter of their lives is over, and its ending was so realistic. The final connection was severed. There’s a point where you stop visiting your old high school, and talking to your old teachers, and eventually you stop thinking about the school because there’s nothing left for you there. That is natural life progression.
  • Rachel fought endlessly to be accepted to NYADA. Then she immediately dropped out of the school for her dream Broadway role. Which she immediately walks away from because she’s “bored” and heads to a TV show. Which fails so she just GIVES UP and comes home? And decides to teach high school choir???? In what universe is that realistic for Rachel Berry? She gets handed endless opportunities for fame and tosses them away to relive her Finchel days? Come on.
  • Blaine is going to date Kurt’s high school bully? The boy he desperatelytried to protect Kurt from? The boy that actually made Kurt cry tears offear? We know Blaine sees himself as Kurt’s protector, and Kurt’s fucking soulmate, so dating Kurt’s tormentor makes no sense. Oh, and Blaine drops out of NYADA, even though he had a sponsor and was so close to achieving fame. But no no, we were mistaken. Blaine doesn’t want to be a performer! He wants to be a teacher at his old high school! …Even though Kurt dispelled this myth episodes ago.
  • I was so excited by the time jump, because I wanted to see Kurt grown up, mature, strong, and living his life in New York. Instead I get to see him… return to Lima. To teach choir. At McKinley. This is the boy I NEVER wanted to see return to Ohio. He fought so hard and got out of there. He shouldn’t be returning. He should do his work-study credit in France, or London, or RUSSIA. Following Rachel around like a lost puppy? That is not Kurt. That has never been Kurt.

At this point, the only people achieving fame are the ones who left in Season 3. Mercedes, Quinn, Puck  … congratulations on getting out of Glee and actually living your dreams! Everyone else is stuck in an endless spiral of living Finn’s storyline.


Fuck. It’s like RIB don’t even try anymore.

"Klaine needs a story line for the final season? LET’S BRING BACK THE GUY WHO ASSULTED BLAINE’S ONE TRUE LOVE.
OH! And everyone should drop their lives and dreams that they all worked so hard for in NYC to go BACK to the place they graduated from!!
Also, since we got rid of the newbies last season, LETS BRING IN 5 NEW PEOPLE THAT NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT!!!”



"Karofsky and Blaine romantically tangled"


"Five new characters added to the show"


"Will and Sue again"




Before it ends, Glee is going back to where it all began.

The Fox drama is set to wrap up its six-year run with a 13-episode final season, which will kick off at midseason, and will once again find Rachel (Lea Michele) as an underdog after failing to make it as an actress in New York. So long, Big Apple, hello, Lima!

Fox has just revealed some pretty major details about Glee’s swan song, including why Rachel is back in Ohio, who’s a series regular (and who’s not!) and who we might see return for one final goodbye.

Here’s everything you need to know about the final season of Glee:

1. Here’s the main cast for the final season, per Fox: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Dot-Marie Jones, Jane Lynch, Kevin McHale, Matthew Morrison, Chord Overstreet and Amber Riley. Yes, it looks like Mercedes is back with us on a full-time basis! Missing from the list is original cast member Jenna Ushkowitz.

2. Everyone is back in Lima, Ohio.

3. Rachel is the new Mr. Schuester (Morrison) as she returns to Lima after failing as a TV actress. Struggling  with her next move, Rachel decides to reinstate and lead the glee club at McKinley after discovering that Sue has banished the arts at the school. (Classic Sue!)

4. While not revealed what exactly they’ll be doing, fans can expect to see Blaine (Criss), Sam (Overstreet) and Schuester all have surprising new gigs in Ohio

5. Already fretting over your favorite Glee star’s name not being in the list of season six’s main cast? Don’t worry too much, as “other alumnae” will return to McKinley, Fox assures.

6. This, of course, includes the recently-married Naya Rivera will have a reduced role as she will no longer be a series regular. But a source tells us Santana will definitely be back in some capacity. 

7. In a surprising move, Max Adler is set to reprise the role of Dave Karofsky, the homophobic-bully who turned out to be gay. And in an even more surprising move, we’re hearing he will be Blaine’s love interest and is set to appear in at least four episodes. Sorry, Klaine fans!

8. Making up Rachel’s new New Directions? Five new McKinley sophomores, including twin Cheerios Mason and Madison, who are both super-positive and weird, and football stud Spencer, who is “post-Glee gay.” Rounding out the glee club will be the unconventionally pretty and drily funny Jane, who joins New Directions after she’s turned away by the Warblers, and the shy and chubby Roderic, the show’s new underdog who has a voice like Otis Redding.

Glee’s final season will air at midseason on Fox.

Literally every bullet point on here is awful…

Take it back, Glee!


I never thought the writers could come with a storyline for Klaine that I’d hate more than the cheating, but I think they may have managed it.